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WP3 – Consultation sessions – was designed to gather information from experts including academics, journalists, and civil society organizations, regarding the features of disinformation in Italy, its causes, and main actors.

The sessions were conducted from May to the end of June. In July and September, the project team attempted to organize new sessions, but encountered difficulties in involving new experts to participate in person. In September, the project team decided to conclude the consultation to avoid hindering the following WPs (ready to start in October) and considering the amount of information gathered sufficient for a clear understanding to proceed with WP 9, which is related to WP3.

All sessions followed a common pattern: a brief presentation of the project and the session’s objectives by the facilitator (a member of the project team), followed by a brief presentation of the topic. At least one member of the project team was always present to facilitate the discussion. Participants who attended multiple meetings were counted only once. The topics of the sessions were as follows:

  1. Disinformation and Technology: Identifying the topics most susceptible to disinformation.
  2. Identifying the topics most susceptible to disinformation, with a focus on Youth Criminality, Baby Gangs, and Disinformation.
  3. Migration and Disinformation,
  4. Migration and Disinformation.
  5. Migration and Disinformation.

Consultation session 1 took place in Turin on May 4, 2023 and involved eight participants, from academia and journalism.

Consultation session 2 took place in Turin on May 9, 2023, and involved representatives from civil society organisations, journalists, and academics, totalling nine participants.

Consultation session 3 took place in Turin on June 7, 2023, and involved representatives from civil society organisations, lawyers and academics, in total six participants.

Consultation session 4 took place in Turin on June 19, 2023, and involved academics, totalling eight participants.

Consultation session 5 took place in Turin on June 26, 2023, and involved journalists, in total six participants.

Signature sheets for each consultation session are available. The total number of participants was higher than 37, but as previously mentioned, some individuals participated in more than one event and were consequently counted only once.

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